Engineering & Communication Studies Department
Sophomore Engineering Clinic Public Speaking
ENGR 01202 - 1, Spring, 2008
CRN 01202
Tues, Thurs
Hawthorne 210

Dr. Foulger

Semester Syllabus

Section Schedule and AssignmentsDiscussion Notes

This is a supplement to the  General Syllabus for Sophomore Engineering Clinic. 

Course Description

This course, the fourth in the 8-semester engineering clinic series, provides expanded treatment of the practice of engineering through applications drawn from engineering disciplines and industry. The communication component is designed to help students prepare and present messages in public speaking contexts. In addition to engineering design, the course emphasizes oral presentation skills, as well as critical thinking, listening and organizations skills.

Required Text

Additional Materials for my Section

Learning Objectives in this section

  1. Research, design and deliver an effective informative, technical and persuasive speech.
  2. Adapt technical information to a non-technical audience.
  3. Adapt speech content and delivery based on audience analysis.
  4. Recognize the different purposes and structures of informative and persuasive speeches.
  5. Synthesize and incorporate research for use in oral presentations.
  6. Recognize and utilize effective visual aids, including PowerPoint.
  7. Recognize the need, identify the customer, assess the market, and define the goals, objectives and constraints for a design problem (in this case, designing speeches for specific purposes and audiences).

Outcomes Assessment

See the general syllabus for this course, but note the following.  All speeches are graded based on the following:
  1. The delivery of the speech.
  2. Submission of an outline that you actually use in delivering the speech
  3. Submission of a list of reference list that you actually use in delivering the speech
  4. Submission of peer reviews of two speeches by other students in the class.
The details associated with the expectations will be provided for each speech.


5% of the course grade is participation. I will base my evaluation of participation of three factors. 
  1. Actual participation in class, including listening to, and providing feedback on, speeches by classmates.
  2. Submission of Think Assignments that I will give for many sessions. Think Assignments, which should also be written on one side of a 3x5 card, will be used, among other things, to help you to develop your speeches.  This is a one night a week class, so there may be two Think Assignments due sometimes.
  3. Questions.  I expect you to bringing two questions to (one one side of a 3x5 card) on any day for which you have a reading due.  These questions will frequently create a basis for class discussions.

Missed Assignments

All assignments are required.  Because of the tight schedule of the course, they are required on the date they are due.  Should disaster strike in the form of confinable illness, death in the family, university trip, or genuine emergency ("genuine" is my call, not yours), you can make it up without penalty IF you submit written verification by the second class after your return.  It is your responsibility to notify me in advance of an absence.  Oversleeping, routine medical appointments, undocumented illnesses, computer glitches, printer malfunctions, and similar situations do NOT meet my definition of an acceptable excuse.

Discussion Notes

My usual practice is to make my lecture/discussion notes directly available to the class via the Internet. If it is possible to do so I will display those notes during class. You can print them out later. You may be able to print them out before class, but I don't guarantee that you will. I frequently change my discussion notes right up to the beginning of class (and sometimes during class). The version posted at the end of class can generally be considered to be reliable, but I occasionally modify them after class based on class discussions.  Exams and speeches can be made up without an excuse, but incur a two letter grade penalty.  I determine the scheduling of the make up.  If you miss the second opportunity, you receive a zero on the assignment.  Since all speeches MUST be presented to pass clinic, missing a speech is serious.   

Course Rules

  1. Attendance is required for all classes, including the final exam period. Punctuality is much desired.
  2. Complete reading assignments, questions, and think assignments prior to coming to class. Be prepared to discuss readings.
  3. Write and speech in your own words. Reference the ideas you use to the original sources. Plagiarism and cheating will are unacceptable.
  4. Outlines, reference lists, and peer speech reviews must be printed out for submission. Double space this work and print them out using standard 12 point fonts.

Good Advice

  1. This is primarily a public speaking section, but there will be reading and writing assignments associated with most clases. Most writing assignments will be brief, but you don't want to fall behind. If you can't keep up with the readings, papers, or other assignments, you may want to drop the course early on and try again in another semester.
  2. Keep a copy of any paper you submit, just in case the original gets lost.
  3. Write your name on the front of any assignment you submit, including questions, think assignments, and papers.
  4. Assuming you work on a computer, maintain backups of your paper in a reliable and convenient format. USB flash drives work on just about all computers now, can be readily obtained for less than $20.00, and are much less likely to fail than diskettes. Assume the worst. Maintain two backups.
  5. If at any time you find yourself confused or have questions, especially in terms of the writing assignmentss, please ask me (either in class or in private) for help. One person's question may help countless others in class. If you can't meet me during my office hours, we can probably find another time.
  6. If you have a disabling condition which might interfere with their ability to successfully complete this course, please speak to me confidentially. I will work with you to identify alternate means of demonstrating your knowledge where there is a demonstrable need.